How to fix the installation issues of Comodo antivirus?


Keep protect to your computer device with Comodo antivirus, download and install it. Scan your full device if comodo antivirus detects insecure item in your computer that immediatly removed to all and cleaned to the device.

Comodo Antivirus is very important to secure computer system from all types of malware, virus and spyware attack, Trojans and insecure items. These viruses are developed to harm PC and steal the user information. If user may lose their sensitive data or may be the computer is slow or slow, crashed all program or whenever you are open to system some other program is appear the window. So, it is essential to install antivirus on computer and provide the complete protection.

Every Malware and virus program is entered in the computer system by the internet or uses data traveler devices, every virus or malware program is developed for the steal the information from the user computer or crashing the data or corrupt the computer system files. The most famous and often heard of Malware is the Trojan. In the following terms we are providing the complete solution to download and install and setup to the Comodo antivirus with user computer device.

To fix the installation issues of Comodo antivirus, read this post and apply the given steps. We have tried to explain the every step in brief that will help to user. The user can setup the comodo antivirus without facing the Installation Issue during the comodo antivirus install. If user has been done some mistake than must be that will face Update Issue with comodo antivirus. So, follow the following steps

Step 1 Open the official website that named Comodo Product Store on the computer; if you want to add the Comodo product into the cart the click on add to the cart. 

Step 2 Enter your log-in details username and password to login the comodo account if you have otherwise, create a account to purchasing the Comodo product. You will receive a link on your email address to download the setup file or you can directly download the setup file from the website.

Step 3 Double click on downloaded file to start the process installation, choose the product type from the standard, custom and default as per your requirement. Uninstall to other security software or antivirus if you have installed before installing the comodo antivirus.

Step 3 Follow the on screen instruction and wait for complete the process.

Step 4 Click on the Finish and restart to computer. After restart you will need to activate your product, enter the license key and activate to your comodo antivirus product. Now your computer system is protected by comodo antivirus.

Connect with the experts to get the instant support, dial Comodo antivirus customer service number. Our Comodo helpline number is every time online whenever you need help contact us.

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