How to remove Virus in Windows XP?


As we all know malware is malicious software that infects PC by extracting personal information.Also,they prevent the user from accessing the device and create system instability.

Viruses can put the computer at risk and make Windows XP to run slower.Some example of the virus are backdoors, keyloggers, spyware, adware, rootkits, and trojans.When you see unusual error messages on Windows XP desktop then you can easily detect that there is some stealthy presence of unauthorized functions.To avoid such glitches, run a full scan of the computer and keep your software up-to -date. Sometimes, it is very difficult to remove virus in Windows XP then try to boot XP Windows in safe mode.If you need any help then make a call at Windows XP Technical Support Number and permanently delete virus from your PC.

Follow these steps to prevent and remove the virus from Windows XP :-

1.Go to Start and click on Run option.After this, type “regedit.exe” in the field box.Click on OK and open Registry Editor.Now expand “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” option.Go to Software tab and expand Microsoft option.Now click on Windows and expand Current Version.

2.Make a right-click on Computer and choose Explore.Now expand the documents and settings.After this, click on All users and go to Application Data.Make a right click on the virus and delete it.Now reboot your computer and perform necessary tasks.

3.Click on Start option and go to Run.Type “secpol.msc” and press OK.Now go to Security Settings Window and click on Software Restriction Policy.After this, click on Additional rules and open Security level.Go to the Unrestricted mode and click on Apply option.Now get back to Local Security Settings and disallow Security Levels.After this, open Software Restriction Policy and double click on Enforcement tab.Just mark all software files and run the command “go update/force” in command prompt.

4.Use Windows XP System Restore Tool for repairing.Go to System Tools and open Programs. Select Accessories and click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time”. Also, download an anti-malware software to protect your PC from viruses.

5.Turn off your network connection and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart the system.Press F8 key during the process of restarting.Now select “Safe mode with networking” to access the system.Now install an antivirus software and run a full scan of computer.

Call at Windows XP Technical Support Number and Get relieved from Annoyances

Are you facing virus conflicts in Windows XP?Pick your phone and make a call at Windows XP Technical Support Number. We have a team of expert technicians that help us to fix windows hag-up snags.The important benefit of using Windows XP Technical Support Services is that users are not required to go anywhere.This is because tech-guys use advance technology to remove virus from user’s system. The good thing is that we offer instant answers through email support, chat support and phone calls.Remote desktop connection is used by experts to eliminate malware errors. So why to wait when Windows XP Customer Support is accessible for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.Just talk to us and bid a final goodbye to Windows issues.


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