Need for outsourced Technical Support Services


If your computer running slow or infected with viruses, it is best to speak with an adept professional who deals with computer related problems. There are many companies which offers online computer repair services anytime anywhere to resolve the issues and make your computer run efficiently.

IT services for any company of any size is required to be taken care by knowledgeable professionals. Going ahead you can either outsource the computer repair services or can perform it in-house. For a company it can be intuitive to outsource the highly-visible services. Before you decide what would be the best for your business from hiring an outsourcing vendor or handle the IT services in-house. It should make sense whether you hire a full time IT professional or outsource your IT requirements. You can get a clear picture after weighing the pros and cons of both the options which option will be the best serve for your business.  


When a company decides to provide in-house IT service, then it must have:

  • A pool of qualified and local candidates who are ready to join the company.
  • Training program for the employees requires eligible candidates to join the firm.
  • Enough of budget to pay the salaries and wages of the employees.
  • Creating the right infrastructure for the employees to sit and accommodate physically. It involves both the space and the technology items like to pursue the job like computer, phone, internet, copier, fax machine etc.
  • The costs to pay telecommunications bills.


On-site support is easy to access and fast. The urgent issues can be addressed immediately by the in-house IT staff. There will be no waiting while your IT professionals cater to your needs. However it is possible that the other departments may have to wait while one department is being attended. Cost remains quite in control as the salaries of the IT department people remains the same over a period of time. Tasks like printer troubleshooting, extending work hours to complete network upgrade would not cost you surplus. Technology needs may change but the cost will be stagnant.

Despite of many benefits of having an in-house IT team, there are certain disadvantages too like the hidden costs. Other than salary you have to take care of the staff’s training needs, have to provide them the computers, desks, other benefits. Training costs are exclusive of the above mentioned costs hence adding to the expenditures. Limited knowledge is another important limitation as your IT professional may be good with excel and power point but not with network upgrade.


Counting on all the costs, the outsourced services are quite cheap in comparison with the IT services, especially Oniline Computer tech support services. Hiring full time IT professionals can ask for a big budget and efforts from hiring to training. They cannot even match the round-the-clock availability of the outsourced staff. Most professional companies offer 24X 7 services and are available to help you over phone or take the remote session to reset your password for email account or check network security.

Since they are not part of your team, you need to have a SPOC for them to be handled. Also cultural differences need to be taken care of across the countries.

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