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Real Estate Express Customer May 4, 2021
I liked being able to take the classes online rather than having to be in a classroom. If you have a busy lifestyle or have kids at home and don’t have an opportunity to go to a classroom, this is a good option to take where you can work as fast or slow as you want to. I thought the material was a bit dry, and it really didn’t pertain to the actual real estate world. It was not hard to get through the material, but I do wish it was more of a practical application on how to fill out a contract instead of the legalities of real estate. The one thing that does need improvement is the testing situation because we had to go through a third party company that was so glitchy and they worked poorly together. Overall I thought it was effective, and I passed my exams the first try.

W.S. April 5, 2021
It was all spot on, on both the national and state portion, and had all the right information I needed to pass. I suggest not taking studying lightly. Make sure you retain as much as you can so that you don’t have to retake one of the exams like I did.

Cory March 28, 2021
I thought this test prep was good. It was super close to the actual exams, and it prepared me well. I was able to retake the test many times, so that really helped me retain the material. It’s really good.

Mei February 25, 2021
I liked the flexibility of it all, being able to do everything online at my own pace. I also thought the platform was great and very user friendly. They do provide you with enough information to help you pass the test. I passed on my first try.

Maxine February 19, 2021
For online courses, you will need a lot of self-discipline and motivation to complete it as quickly as possible. A tip I would suggest is to take notes on everything and to study before you’re proctoring the test. I got a good deal on the price. One idea that would make them different from their competitors is if they were to have the instructors have zoom meetings to check on the users to see if they have any questions on the chapter or just to check-in.

SS December 12, 2020
I like the convenience of logging on when ever I want. The class didn’t beat around the bush stuff, and was easy to understand.


I like that I was able to take care of the course at my own pace instead of having to wait on a regular class schedule times. One thing that I think could’ve been helpful is auditory learning and possibly videos that would’ve made it easier for a visual learner like myself. I also think if they were to offer more testing sites to make it easier for their users. Be sure to take notes and make sure you review them before testing.


As a mother of two little ones, this system gave me the flexibility to fit the classes with my daily schedule. I’d recommend this to anyone with a family or a tight schedule. Its a lot better than having to drive and sit in a classroom all day. If you take online courses, make sure to stick with it, and don’t get distracted.


It was very easy to use, the website was efficiently fast, and content was aligned well with the actual tests. I would suggest to study hard and put time aside each day to work on the courses. If you want to get licensed for multiple states, I would really recommend you use this option. It was a really affordable course.


The site was easy to use, and I loved the fact I was able to work at my own pace at the comfort of my home. It was really easy to get started, and I got it at a very great price. I thought we had to go through a lot of material, I wasn’t expecting so much subject matter, but it was all super interesting, and I learned so much from it. One thing that I think would be very helpful would be if they provided a notecard feature of highlights on the information from the slides. I think that would help a lot by pointing out what exactly we needed to retain. It’s a great site, and I’ve recommended it to a couple of friends.


It was a very intuitive and user-friendly website. The material was super informative, and it prepared me well for the final exams. All I suggest when doing online courses is to stay on top of it and don’t fall behind.


I thought the pricing was cheaper than their competition. It was all straightforward as far as taking the courses and was very informative. I think that they should make the material more entertaining, such as videos for visual learners. I do advise agents to knock out everything as fast as you can, so you can get to selling.

Real Estate Express Customer 

I thought the Real Estate Express test prep was good. It was easy to navigate, and the material was relevant to what was on the state and national exams. I also liked that I was able to study on my own time and that I was able to go back to review or retake the tests. I thought it was good, and it helped me passed my exams the first try.

Lisa B. 

I liked it because I was able to complete the courses at my own pace while working a full-time job. For anyone thinking of going with Real Estate Express – put in the extra effort to be disciplined, and stay focused. The program itself was great. The staff was quick to respond, and I passed my exams on the first attempt.

Angelica Sifuentes 

Real Estate Express was the best. It was very inexpensive compared to other schools, the curriculum was thorough, & online support was SUPER helpful. When it came down to the testing, although math is not my strongest subject, I passed the state & national exam, thanks to the thorough curriculum they provided and master prep I got from a friend. I am very grateful I came around Real Estate Express. To make it even better once you are completed with the real estate express they provide you with a website to compare brokerages & help you find the best fit brokerage. Hands-down recommend.

Real Estate Express Customer 

It really helped a lot. When it came to the end of the courses, I had forgotten everything, and thanks to the exam prep, it all came back to me. It was a lot easier using the test prep than having to go back through all the course material. It was a fast and efficient way of refreshing all the information I needed for the exams.

Real Estate Express Pricing Estimates

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Click the “See Current Specials” button below for the most up-to-date list pricing from the Real Estate Express website, since course pricing can change daily.

Course NameandCost

Online Salesperson pre-licensing

$325-$425 (click below for current pricing)

Online Broker pre-licensing

$525 (click below for current pricing)

Online Post-license

$199 (click below for current pricing)

Continuing education

$20 (click below for current pricing)

About Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is one of the largest online real estate schools in the US.   Founded in 1996, it was among the first to start offering real estate education on the internet.  They provide both pre-licensing and continuing education. The “Express” in the school’s name is a commitment to students that they can set the pace for their learning. There are no in-person classes & fixed schedules – and because of this, they’re able to keep costs lower than a traditional real estate school. You can also learn anywhere and at all hours of the day.

Quick facts about Real Estate Express

  • Real estate courses are available in about 30 states.
  • The school claims to have trained over 200,000 professionals.
  • It’s affiliated with the McKissock, LLC Company. McKissock also owns several other real estate schools, including Allied Real Estate Schools.

Real Estate Express FAQs

How much is Real Estate Express?

It depends on where you’re located, because different states set different mandatory learning hours. The differences are reflected in the prices Real Estate Express charges. In most states, there are four packages:

  • The Basics  – With instructor support, 60-70 hours of coursework, three e-books, etc.
  • Exam Prep – Packages include “The Basics” course and exam prep materials.
  • Exam Pre Plus – More perks like weekly live Question and Answer sessions with instructors.
  • Ultimate Learning – Includes extra add-ons like the course’s hard copy textbook, 90-day boot camp, and membership to the professional development program for one year.

Is Real Estate Express accredited?

It’s accredited by both ARELLO and IDECC. And most courses are approved by state real estate commissions (their business relies on it!).

Real Estate Express is approved by 34 different state real estate commissions. They only sell courses in states in which they’re officially licensed or accredited. Thousands of people have successfully completed courses from them and then gone on to take the licensing exam.

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