Why my Buffalo Router’s speed is so slow ?


There are many reasons which are responsible for making your Buffalo router sluggish.It is very hard to pinpoint an actual cause that slow down the speed of the internet.

We know it is very frustrating when we want to surf the internet and we get a spinning blue circle.One of the important factors of Buffalo Router slow speed is configuration errors. Make sure you have closed all programs which are running in the background otherwise they can utilize your internet.If you are unable to fix the slow speed of Buffalo router then don’t hesitate to contact us at Buffalo Router Technical Support Number.

There are some ways that help us to boost the speed of Buffalo Router :-

  1. Place your Buffalo router at that position which is free from interference and network congestion because interruption occurs due to electronic devices such as wireless speakers, wireless cameras, TV etc. To avoid a signal issue, find the right wireless channel and change it by going through router settings.

2.When a wireless signal is transmitted through concrete, walls, metals then there are chances of signal degradation.So, choose a perfect spot of your Buffalo router from where it can easily transmit signals.

3.If you are leaving your router in open network then the unknown person can take advantage from it.Such unauthorized person can hack your system and cause serious technical hazards.To avoid such situation, use encryption settings of WPA2-PSK with AES.

4.Check the eco settings of the router because in some router Power Settings mode is set as default.Just search for Transmission Power option and turn Off.

5.To block bandwidth-hogging ads, animations, install AdBlock Plus extension which that you can boost the speed of browsing.

6.Try to update your router and check new version of firmware that helps to correct network speed and operation bugs.

7.To avoid frequency clashes, frequency hopping method is used to rotate the signals between different channels.If this is not working then move your router at such position which is very far from Bluetooth devices.

How to check the speed of Buffalo router?

Method1: – Open Wi-Fi status window that shows the details of computer’s wireless connection.Go to speed section and click on Wireless icon.After this, select Network and Sharing Center and check the speed of Buffalo router. Usually, the speed of 6-10 Mbps provides excellent browsing.

Method 2: – Click on Start menu and search for Network option.Just click on Network and go to View Status . Now you can see the browsing speed.

A Comprehensive Buffalo Router Customer Support via Online

Get comprehensive support at Buffalo Technical Support Phone Number that is available for 24 hrs a day and 365 days in a year.Our professionals are dedicated and proffer effectual solutions via emails, online chats, phone calls.We also provide a facility of remote sessions where a client can see how an expert troubleshoot the actual problem using their advanced techniques.Diverse snags of Buffalo router can be resolved by making a single call at Buffalo Router Customer Support Service Number. Don’t think too much, just get the instant fix by talking to our tech guys.


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