6 Easy Online Jobs for 13 Year Old Teens


Here you will get 6 easy online jobs for teens that will help them to make an extra cash at home. Read the full article to learn more.

Now it comes with employment opportunities for our 13 years old who can make money working online while still going to school. At this tender age of thirteen years old, you don’t expect to find a job that will hire a young teenager since at this age they are too young for employment. Fortunately, there are employment opportunities in the online fraternity which are legitimate. Below is a list of the legitimate online employment which your 13-year-old can do and we hope it will be useful to you. 

1. Boostapal – this is one of the best online employment so far for the teenagers where they can earn money when people they know shop online. How does it work you may ask. You just need to sign up first and create an account and thereafter invite boosters who are anyone you may know or that your family knows. When they make a purchase online, you immediately earn cash. So, the more boosters you have, the more cash you will earn. The amount of money your teenager earns will depend on the number of boosters they have. On average, a booster who owns a business can create up to around one hundred dollars per month. Thus a thirteen-year-old may earn from thirty to fifty dollars a month with less effort. 
2. Fiverr – teenagers can do hard and simple tasks on this website for five dollars. You choose what type of job you want to perform for five dollars and then post it to the website. Register an account on Fiverr and post the job that you want to do. The tasks can range from writing an article, calling someone and singing happy birthday to them or just drawing a picture. The best way for them to choose a job would be by going through the posted listings so as to get ideas and find opportunities. Your teenager will earn around twenty dollars per month to start and before you know it you will be hired all the time.
3. Freelancer – here a thirteen-year-old will have to post the skills they have online. The skills may include graphic design, Photoshop, web design and coding and after posting the skill you have, just sit back and wait for the opportunities to roll in. Thirteen-year-olds can also look for job listings for employers interested in hiring teenagers. How does it work? sign up for an account on freelancer and set the job skills you have. You can either look for job opportunities that have been posted or apply and wait for an employer to give you an interview. Unfortunately, it might be time-consuming to get employment on the website since the majority of the employers tends to be very picky and you end up redoing your work a lot of times even though you think you did it well but overall, it’s a legitimate place to find employment. How much you earn will depend on how much your teen wants to work. So, if you decide to work part-time or for a few hours, you may earn around twenty-five dollars per month. Don’t forget that the thirteen-year-old is competing for work with people who are unemployed, thus the pay can be very low. 
4. Odesk – They bought freelancer therefore owned by the same company but many employers prefer odesk to freelancer and if you want to maximize your opportunities, it will be best to create profiles on both websites for a better chance to get hired. It works just the same as a freelancer but odesk has a bigger following so there is no reason why your thirteen-year-old cant look for employment from both websites. Employment here works the same as a freelancer. You create an account posting the kind of skills you have and you can either look at the job listings which are listed on the website or wait for people to interview you. It will not be very difficult to get hired but it may take some time to complete the different jobs. Earning can be as low as twenty dollars per month but to get more, be creative and look for employment opportunities at a cheaper rate then, later on, raise the rate once you get positive feedback and employers realize they are working with legitimate teenage workers. 
5. Sell on eBay – by now, many teens know how it works. You can be able to sell the stuff that you don’t need or buy cheap stuff from eBay and resell them on the same platform. Sign up for an account on eBay and post the items that they have on sale. Your thirteen-year-old can also look out for new stuff at different local garages or just cheap items from eBay and resell. It’s very simple to do, not that hard. Just list the items and wait for the auction to close and later ship the items to the buyer. Once your teen realizes the pros and cons of eBay and also the value of items, they will be able to earn up to one hundred dollars per month.
6. YouTube – Upload a funny and cool video or anything that you think will get plenty of views on YouTube and wait to get your cash. Making the videos will be very simple but the hard part will be finding the content. The earnings will be about five to ten dollars a month but as you grow and learn, you will be able to produce better videos and your opportunities will increase greatly.

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