Don’t Go It Alone: Volusion SEO and You


If you are setting out on the exciting journey to being a Volusion eCommerce merchant, you have no doubt encountered the acronym “SEO.” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to techniques that work with a search engine’s algorithms to ensure websites appear closer to the beginning of a list of search results. Good SEO can help your store be more accurately and quickly found online.

Volusion SEO, and SEO as a whole, can seem like a wild west of changing standards, evolving best practices, and sudden changeups. The learning curve on SEO is imposing, but there are professionals who can guide you and your store to increased traffic and skyrocketing search rankings. This article will explore a few reasons to consider seeking out an SEO expert.

The first and foremost reason to seek out a Volusion SEO specialist is one of practicality. If you are a rising entrepreneur, you need to focus on business responsibilities, not the hybrid of tech, writing, and marketing that SEO demands. There is already a whole lot to learn while building a Volusion storefront, taking on SEO can distract from equally essential tasks that are more fit to an entrepreneur’s skillset.

Beyond the aspect of learning SEO in the first place is the maintenance of SEO. SEO is a matter of constant upkeep. Search engine algorithms are notoriously subject to change and restructuring, meaning that SEO strategies need to be updated on the fly as search engine companies make changes and improvements to their tools. The research demands necessary to understand the specifics of what SEO techniques best benefit each individual company are quite intense. Tags, keywords, and content must be honed to best fit your brand and to accurately predict what your customers are likely going to be searching for in order to locate you. Research takes time and manpower, and professionals who have devoted their teams to SEO have the ability to offer both to your company, short-circuiting the labor-intensive demands of SEO.

Volusion SEO experts also have a mastery of the platform. This is especially helpful if you are new to the Volusion platform. A devoted Volusion expert will be able to help you choose and place content wisely, with a nuanced understanding of the platform itself. Additionally, experts are likely to be aware of new developments and innovations, both within SEO and within the Volusion environment. Being an early adopter of a new technique could mean the difference between being the first store users see and being two pages deep in the search results.

The final reason to consider taking on an expert, or even a team of experts, is intuition. Any good businessperson knows the value of intuition. Sometimes, you see something no one else sees. Intuition comes from experience and teams who are devoted to learning and mastering a specialized skillset are full of unique perspectives. Being able to focus time and energy on parsing through those ideas and perspectives leads to coming up with solutions that are at the cutting edge.

The eCommerce marketplace is a thriving, but competitive arena. Coming out on top means making wise choices and knowing when to call in the big guns. You wouldn’t hire an engineer to be a salesperson, or a customer service specialist to be an engineer, so why take the risk with something as complicated as SEO? Don’t go it alone: Seek out the best of the best and take your business to the peak of its potential. So, want to work with the best? Speak with our experts by calling us at 1-888-982-8269 to learn more about how we can specifically help you!

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