If you are searching for some of the connecting devices and you are not able to decide among the various option available in the market then you need not have any second thought and you should go for opting for the series of router by the very famous taiwanese company that deals in the manufacturing of the various networking devices.

D- link routers are the routers from the very famous company known as the D-link corporation. So if you wish to use the product by this company then you simply need to purchase the router by this company. The product by this airline is highly admired since they provide the best D-link router tech support to help the users.

As you purchase it then you will be given the proper manual with it that will explain you the method to do the set up of the router. After going through the step by step process you can easily set the router in the following ways:-

  1. You need to start the process by connecting the power adapter to the wall socket a well as to the router.
  2. After that you have to simply connect the ethernet cable to the WAN and then to the both of the devices such as modem and the router.
  3. Then wait for the few seconds so that the light can blink. If this does not blink and you feel glitches then you can call on the toll free number.
  4. After that you have to move forward to your device that is computer or the mobile device.
  5. Then it is the time to look for the network preferences followed by connecting to the wifi name that is easily founded on the wireless configuration card.
  6. Followed by entering the password this also could be easily known by checking the card.
  7. Then just unplug the power to the cable followed by connecting an ethernet cable to to the computer.
  8. If you feel any trouble in mid then feel free to call on the customer service number.
  9. Followed by connecting the modem to the internet port of the router.
  10. Now power on both by entering the IP address in to the address bar.
  11. Then it is the time to do the wireless settings which includes entering certain data as well as selecting the time zone.

If after doing as written above also you are not able to do what you wish then you can simply choose to call on the D-link Router Customer Service Number to know some of the better solutions.

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