Why is my HP Printer not scanning to Mac?


Sometimes, HP printer does not connect with Mac due to software mismatch errors.However, Mac OS X provides a special feature i.e., Print and Scan which install and prepare printer to perform scanning tasks.

If the printer is not identified by Mac then there is a problem with printer itself.If you are connected with USB cables then make sure cable is firmly connected with HP Printer and Mac.In case, you need assistance for why my HP Printer is not scanning to Mac then call at HP Printer Technical Support Number and get flawless solutions.

Here are some methods to fix HP Printer when it is not scanning to Mac :-

1.First of all, download and install HP Easy Scan App on Mac.Now place the document on the scanner glass.After this, select printer name from the display screen and choose your scan type.Now click on Scan option and scan next item.Select thumbnail version of scanned data and click on Edit option to change the size and color.Now save all your scan on Mac.

2.Check the settings on Mac.Close all applications and turn off HP Printer.Now restart the printer and go to Applications.Now click on HP folder and go to HP Utility.After this, open scan settings and click on Scan to Computer button.Just enable this button and start the scanning process.

3.Try to reset the print system because it removes printing items from the queue.Open confirmation window and click on Reset.After this, enter administrator name and password and click on OK button.Now, wait for some time which that printing screen can reset.After the completion of this process, the printer will not display in the list.Now, install HP Printer driver and add to Mac.After this, start scanning process.

4.Use AirPrint to scan photos and documents. For this, click on Apple menu and select System Preferences.Now click on Print Scan after choosing HP printer.Go to Scan button and open Scanner.To view the details of the scanning process, click on Show Details.Select Document Feeder Mode and click on Scan option.

Extra points to troubleshoot HP Printer glitches:-

  1. a) To install HP printer and Apple updates, run Apple Software Update application.Go to Apple menu and click on About this Mac option.After this, click on Software Update option and click on Update All button.
  2. b) Go to Preferences and click on Apple menu. Now click on Print and Scan button.Select Plus button and click on HP Printer option.Select your HP Printer model and click on “Use” option.Double click on print queue and go to Settings.Open HP Printer Utility and install HP Printer driver on Mac.

Essence of HP Printer Technical Support for all Users

Whenever you experience any kind of nuisance in HP Printer then it is recommended to contact HP Printer Technical Support Number.Our techies provide a relevant solution over the phone as well as through live-chats.Well, it is very annoying when we struck in the middle of the night. But you can get a quick guidance by calling at HP Printer Customer Support Number.Engineers are available for every hour of day and night.Besides these services, we are capable of bringing smile on customer’s face at the time of need.Feel hesitate free and connect with us.


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